Here's a little blurb to help  you get to know me!

I grew up in the Midwest and after heading off to college I eventually ended up in Chicago, IL. I met my husband, Ike, in Chicago through mutual friends. It wasn't love at first sight but we surprised ourselves and fell head over heels after years of being friends. I have a small pack of nieces + nephews and they each have me wrapped around their little fingers. I wouldn't be who I am without my three sisters and best friends. A girl needs her girls! I love traveling and it is a huge part of what makes me tick. I try to take a trip once a month. We are currently saving up for a big trip to Italy & France! My husband is a musician/producer/composer and he is always introducing me to new music and movies. He continually pushes me creatively and the fact that you're reading this is in huge part to him telling me that I can do this! On date night you can usually find us at a movie theater or checking out a new restaurant. We have a six-year-old rescue pup named Louie who completes are little family! It is a honor and privilege to be able to pick up my camera and capture your moments!